Trifari Jewelry Marks: Introduction

Purpose of this Guide

This guide was written to help buyers and collectors of Trifari Jewelry identify the various Trifari Jewelry signatures. Pictures of the various marks are included.

All Vintage Trifari Jewelry is Signed

There is no such thing as "unsigned vintage Trifari." Trifari signed virtually all of their pieces, and even ran ads to let people know that if a piece was not signed, it was not Trifari. A few lesser manufacturers copied some Trifari designs, but Trifari was diligent about protecting their designs and patented most of them until the copyright law was modified in 1955 to include protection for jewelry designs.

Vintage vs. Newer Trifari Jewelry

In 2000, Liz Claiborne bought Trifari (along with Monet and Napier). All new pieces were mass produced overseas with Trifari cards. These are not vintage and should be listed as "Fashion Jewelry," but many uneducated sellers list them as "Vintage." If you see a listing that claims a piece is an "Unsigned vintage Trifari" it is either a newer (lesser quality) Trifari manufactured overseas or it is NOT Trifari at all.

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