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If you are interested in learning more about vintage jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. This vintage jewelry blog includes articles about vintage jewelry history, education, resources and tips, and more. You’ll learn about the various eras of fashion and jewelry style and design, which helps you to properly identify and date your vintage jewelry. If you are a collector and looking for fabulous vintage jewelry to wear, visit the My Classic Jewelry Etsy shop and step into vintage style!

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How Madeleine Albright Let Her Jewelry Do The Talking!Oh, the interesting things you find when cruising the Internet! I happened to come upon information about a traveling exhibit of Madeleine Albright's jewelry collection.

My Classic Jewelry Newsletters - Celebrities and Their Jewelry

Trifari Vintage Jewelry Identification and ResearchHow to Date and Identify Trifari Vintage Jewelry I often get questions about Trifari vintage jewelry, and the two most frequent questions are "When was it made?" and "How can I ...

Vintage Jewelry Resources and Tips - Vintage Jewelry Education

Vintage Gold Jewelry: Gold vs Gold Filled vs Gold PlatedAbout Vintage Gold Jewelry In a previous article I discussed silver jewelry hallmarks - you can read that article here: Silver Jewelry Marks: Learn to Identify and Date Silver J...

Vintage Jewelry Education

Vintage Damascene Jewelry: Three Traits Separate the Real from the FakeVintage Damascene Jewelry: Three Key Traits There are three key traits of genuine damascene jewelry: The background metal is oxidized to a very dark color The design is hand...

Vintage Jewelry Education

Vintage Jewelry Hardware: How to Date Your Jewelry based on ConstructionWhat is Vintage Jewelry Hardware? Vintage jewelry hardware refers to the various types of clasps, pins, earring backs, rings, and other elements used to create jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry Education

Vintage Jewelry Patents: Find and Use them to Date Vintage JewelryIntroduction to Jewelry Patents At one time, jewelry designs could not be copyrighted, so jewelry manufacturers protected their investment in their designs using patents.

Vintage Jewelry Education

Silver Jewelry Marks: Learn to Identify and Date Silver JewelryWhat are Silver Jewelry Marks? Silver jewelry marks are the hallmarks found on silver jewelry to help identify the composition and source of the jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry Education

Vintage Jewelry Marks: Help for Dating Your Vintage JewelryWhy Vintage Jewelry Marks are Important Maybe you've just acquired some vintage jewelry from a family member or friend.

Vintage Jewelry Education

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