5 Secrets to Making Winning Offers

Although many customers like to make offers, there are some who shy away from using the Make Offer feature on eBay listings. Sellers like to use this feature because it saves time. Instead of putting items on sale, customers can submit an offer, thus creating their own sale discount at any time. So there’s no reason to be shy. Check out these 5 secrets, and you’ll soon be making winning offers in no time.

Let's Make a Deal, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 1: Be Friendly

Sellers like to engage with customers, so feel free to include some comments about the item with your offer. Sellers are often inclined to deal with customers who explain why they like a particular item so much. Perhaps you or someone you know had a piece like it once, or the color or style might fit in perfectly with your wardrobe or jewelry collection.

NOTE: Avoid explaining why you can’t or won’t pay full price for the item. Instead, focus on the item’s positive features.

EXAMPLE: “I just love the colors in this brooch! I have a necklace that would look so great with it. Would you consider my offer of $amount? Thanks so much! Christine” Remember to add your name to the end of your comment. It allows the seller to address you personally and starts a pleasant conversation.

Make Your Best Offer, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 2: Make your Best Offer First

Many sellers like to use eBay’s Auto Accept feature. They determine their acceptable offer limit and eBay will automatically accept offers that meet the minimum price. If you make your best offer first, you have every chance of meeting that limit and your offer will be automatically accepted. If you like immediate gratification, this is a great technique. What’s a good offer? It depends on the seller and the item, but if you offer a price that represents a 10-20% discount, you will most likely win the item immediately. Lucky you!

Secret 3: Check out Sale Items

If a seller is running a sale, the amount of the sale discount will give you a clue about what the seller feels is acceptable. If the item you would like to purchase is not on sale, but has the Make Offer feature, it’s a pretty safe bet that the seller will accept an amount that is the same as their current sale discount. To figure out the price, subtract the discount from 100, then multiply that percent by the Buy It Now price.

EXAMPLE: A seller is running a 20% Off sale. The item you would like to purchase is not on sale, but is listed with Best Offer. Multiply the Buy It Now price by .80 (80%) to come up with your offer price.

Respond to Counteroffers, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 4: Respond to Counteroffers

If the offer you made is less than the seller would like, very often you will receive a counteroffer. If the counteroffer is higher than you would like, you can submit a counteroffer of your own. Customers sometimes get discouraged at this point or don’t realize they can still bargain. eBay allows you to make a total of 3 offers on an item, so make every attempt to meet the seller at least half-way, and many times they’ll be willing to do the same. Of course, if you make your BEST offer first, as described in Secret 2, there’s a good chance you will meet the minimum price and win the item right away, which is great when you are in a hurry.

Pay Promptly, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 5: Pay Promptly

Your offer’s been accepted! But the item isn’t yours just yet. eBay’s new multi-offer feature allows multiple buyers to make offers on the same item at the same time. Once your offer is accepted, it will still be available for someone else to purchase until you pay, so pay promptly to avoid having someone else snatch up that treasure!

I hope you found these Best Offer tips helpful. If you’ve been shy about using the feature, go ahead and try – pretty soon you will be making many winning offers!

Good luck with your offers, Christine 🙂

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