Important Changes to eBay’s Buy It Now and Best Offer Features

Hello Everyone. In my last blog post I discussed some techniques for making best offers on eBay items. If you missed that one, you can read it here: 5 Secrets to Making Winning Offers.

Beginning May 1, 2013, eBay has made some major changes to the way the Best Offer feature works and how Buy It Now purchases are made. These changes are now in effect in the Computers & Tablets, Jewelry & Watches, and Art categories, but will be applied to all categories by the end of the year. Here are the major changes.

eBay Shopping Cart May 2013 Changes

Buy It Now and the Shopping Cart

When you purchase an item, it will be saved in your shopping cart until you pay for the item. While it is in the shopping cart, that item will still be available for other buyers to purchase. If you want an item to be yours, you’ll need to pay for it right away. If you need to discuss shipping discounts for multiple items, it’s best to do that before you purchase. Once the shipping amount is determined, purchase the items and request an invoice from the seller right away so you can pay immediately.

eBay Best Offer May 2013 Changes

Offers Not Final Till Paid

When you make an offer and your offer is accepted, the item still remains available for sale until you pay for it. Another buyer could come in with a better offer and purchase the item, which will then be removed from your shopping cart.

eBay Best Offer May 2013 Changes

Multiple Offers

eBay now allows multiple offers to be made on items. Similar to bidding on an auction, when more than one buyer makes an offer, the seller has the choice of which offer they will accept. However, even after the offer is accepted, until payment is received, the item is still available for sale and another buyer could come in and make a better offer or purchase the item at full price.

eBay Best Offers, Make Your Best Offer First

Your Best Strategy

As mentioned in my last newsletter, it’s best to make your best offer first. Many sellers have settings in place that automatically accept offers that meet their minimum price. If you reach that price, your offer is automatically accepted and you can pay immediately and have your item shipped asap, without having to wait around for the seller to negotiate a price with you.

I hope you found these Best Offer tips helpful. If you have any questions about using the eBay’s new Buy It Now, Shopping Cart, or Best Offer features, please feel free to contact me or comment on this post.

Good luck with your offers, Christine 🙂

5 Secrets to Making Winning Offers

Although many customers like to make offers, there are some who shy away from using the Make Offer feature on eBay listings. Sellers like to use this feature because it saves time. Instead of putting items on sale, customers can submit an offer, thus creating their own sale discount at any time. So there’s no reason to be shy. Check out these 5 secrets, and you’ll soon be making winning offers in no time.

Let's Make a Deal, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 1: Be Friendly

Sellers like to engage with customers, so feel free to include some comments about the item with your offer. Sellers are often inclined to deal with customers who explain why they like a particular item so much. Perhaps you or someone you know had a piece like it once, or the color or style might fit in perfectly with your wardrobe or jewelry collection.

NOTE: Avoid explaining why you can’t or won’t pay full price for the item. Instead, focus on the item’s positive features.

EXAMPLE: “I just love the colors in this brooch! I have a necklace that would look so great with it. Would you consider my offer of $amount? Thanks so much! Christine” Remember to add your name to the end of your comment. It allows the seller to address you personally and starts a pleasant conversation.

Make Your Best Offer, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 2: Make your Best Offer First

Many sellers like to use eBay’s Auto Accept feature. They determine their acceptable offer limit and eBay will automatically accept offers that meet the minimum price. If you make your best offer first, you have every chance of meeting that limit and your offer will be automatically accepted. If you like immediate gratification, this is a great technique. What’s a good offer? It depends on the seller and the item, but if you offer a price that represents a 10-20% discount, you will most likely win the item immediately. Lucky you!

Secret 3: Check out Sale Items

If a seller is running a sale, the amount of the sale discount will give you a clue about what the seller feels is acceptable. If the item you would like to purchase is not on sale, but has the Make Offer feature, it’s a pretty safe bet that the seller will accept an amount that is the same as their current sale discount. To figure out the price, subtract the discount from 100, then multiply that percent by the Buy It Now price.

EXAMPLE: A seller is running a 20% Off sale. The item you would like to purchase is not on sale, but is listed with Best Offer. Multiply the Buy It Now price by .80 (80%) to come up with your offer price.

Respond to Counteroffers, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 4: Respond to Counteroffers

If the offer you made is less than the seller would like, very often you will receive a counteroffer. If the counteroffer is higher than you would like, you can submit a counteroffer of your own. Customers sometimes get discouraged at this point or don’t realize they can still bargain. eBay allows you to make a total of 3 offers on an item, so make every attempt to meet the seller at least half-way, and many times they’ll be willing to do the same. Of course, if you make your BEST offer first, as described in Secret 2, there’s a good chance you will meet the minimum price and win the item right away, which is great when you are in a hurry.

Pay Promptly, Secrets to Winning eBay Offers

Secret 5: Pay Promptly

Your offer’s been accepted! But the item isn’t yours just yet. eBay’s new multi-offer feature allows multiple buyers to make offers on the same item at the same time. Once your offer is accepted, it will still be available for someone else to purchase until you pay, so pay promptly to avoid having someone else snatch up that treasure!

I hope you found these Best Offer tips helpful. If you’ve been shy about using the feature, go ahead and try – pretty soon you will be making many winning offers!

Good luck with your offers, Christine 🙂

The Beauty of Vintage Glass Beads

I love jewelry made with vintage glass beads, especially necklaces. In this post, I discuss a few of the most popular type of glass beads and show some beautiful examples.

Crystal Beads

Crystal beads are created by adding lead oxide to glass, a process invented in the 1600’s by English glassmaker George Ravenscroft. When it comes to crystal beads, Swarovksi is the industry leader. In 1892, young Bohemian Daniel Swarovski invented a crystal cutting machine. He moved his family and business to Austria in 1895. In 1913 Daniel and his three sons, Wilhelm, Friedrich, and Alfred built a crystal production plant.

Swarovski continues as the leader of the highest quality crystal today. Their cutting and polishing techniques are superior, as you can tell from the beautiful sharp edges on their crystal beads. They also provide many colors and shapes, allowing the company to dominate the market. When examining Swarovski crystal beads, look for a nice heavy weight, great sparkle, and sharp edges.

Vintage Extra Large AB Crystal Beads Choker Necklace on Chain Ajusts      Genuine SWAROVSKI Necklace Signed Swan Mark Red Crystal Beads Dangles Massive

The Aurora Borealis finish seen on many crystal beads is a thin coating applied to the bead. The technique for applying this finish was invented by Swarovski in the mid 1950’s. The sparkling rainbow colors of this finish mimic the Aurora Borealis of the Northern Lights. This technique was licensed by Coro for its high end Vendome line.

NOTE: Crystal or glass beads from the Art Deco era, or from any period earlier than the 1950’s will NOT have an Aurora Borealis finish.

Millefiori Beads

Vintage Millefiori glass was made in Italy. The term “millefiori” means “a thousand flowers” and the colors and designs in the beads do resemble many flowers. These beads were produced in a variety of colors and make such beautiful necklaces, like the lovely rare aqua blue and white necklaces shown here.

Vintage Millefiori Cane Beads Necklace Rare Aqua Blue Knotted Unique      CROWN TRIFARI Vintage 2 Strands White Millefiori Glass Beads Necklace

Millefiori beads are still produced today in Italy, Japan, and other Asian countries. If you prefer the vintage beads, look for hand knotting and the older clasps used on vintage necklaces.

Specialty Beads

There are many other types of specialty glass beads, such as givré beads (givré means “frost” in French). These beads have a translucent core, usually colored, with a clear transparant glass bead fused around the core.

I’ll discuss specialty glass beads in more detail in a future post. I hope you found this information helpful and informative.

Click to view beautiful vintage bracelets Click to view beautiful vintage brooches and pins Click to view beautiful vintage earrings
Bracelets Brooches/Pins Earrings
Click to view beautiful vintage necklaces Click to view beautiful vintage jewelry sets
Necklaces Sets

Beautiful Vintage Jewelry in My Classic Jewelry Shop

Please come back soon and learn more about vintage jewelry styles, design, and materials. Thanks, Christine


Jewelry Toolkit: Simichrome Polish

As a seller of vintage jewelry, I often come across jewelry that needs a little “TLC.” One of my most common tasks is cleaning jewelry. Sometimes I also need to test jewelry for its metal content or other materials. So it’s really nice to find a product that does both cleaning and testing.

Part 1: Simichrome Polish as a Cleaning Tool

Simichrome Polish is a cream that has long been used by the automotive and motorcycle industry for polishing metal surfaces, like aluminum and chrome. But it’s a wonderful cleaner for all metals. It comes in handy tubes and also in cans, for polishing larger items.

Simichrome Polish Tube Simichrome Polish Can

I like to use Simichrome Polish to clean old Sterling Silver jewelry, Gold and Gold Filled jewelry, copper jewelry (except copper jewelry that has a protective silicone finish, as noted below), Aluminum, and Brass jewelry. You just rub some on a cloth (I like to use old T-shirts that I’ve cut up) and polish the item. You’d be surprised to see how much dirt comes off even jewelry that looks clean. Of course, with vintage Sterling Silver jewelry, you don’t want to polish off all of the patina, just remove enough of the dirt and grime so the beauty of the piece can shine through.

NOTE: Because Simichrome Polish can be slightly abrasive, I don’t use it to clean most costume jewelry, as it could remove some of the gold or silver plating. Also avoid using Simichrome Polish to clean Sterling Silver jewelry that has a Gold Vermeil finish, or Copper jewelry finished with protective silicone, as it could mar these finishes. I use other jewelry cleaning techniques to clean these pieces, which I will share in a future post.

Here are a few of the lovely vintage Sterling Silver pieces available for sale in my eBay store:

Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelets Vintage Sterling Silver Brooches Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings
Bracelets Brooches/Pins Earrings
Vintage Sterling Silver Necklaces Vintage Sterling Silver Sets
Necklaces Sets

Part 2: Simichrome Polish as a Testing Tool

I also use Simichrome polish to test for Bakelite. When applied to Bakelite using a Q-Tip, the end of the Q-Tip will turn a bright yellow or a rust colored orange, depending on the color of the Bakelite, as shown in the photo.

Simichrome testing with a Q=Tip

If you like Bakelite jewelry, make sure to visit my eBay store. I have lots of vintage jewelry for sale, including some nice Bakelite pieces. Just browse through the categories on the left, or use the search box above the store categories to find what exactly what you are looking for.

Vintage Bakelite Buckle and Clip  Vintage Bakelite Golfer Fob Charm

Beautiful Vintage Jewelry in My Classic Jewelry Shop

I hope you found this information helpful. Please come back soon and learn more about vintage jewelry and how to care for it. Thanks, Christine


Pinterest Boards Now OK, eBay Button is Quirky

The problem I mentioned earlier with the Pinterest boards not showing up was resolved fairly quickly – I was able to view my new boards the following day.

I’m having some problems with the Pin It button on eBay listings, however, and it’s been happening for several weeks. Whenever I use the “Share on Pinterest” button in an eBay listing, it grabs the gallery photo, but scales it down to a very small size (96 by 96 pixels in my case).

Here’s an example:


Using the eBay Share on Pinterest button
When you use the eBay “Share on Pinterest” button,
the gallery photo gets sized down to 96 by 96 pixels

I’m now using the Pin It button on my browser toolbar instead, and that is working quite nicely, giving me a nice large photo for my Pinterest boards.

Using the Pinterest Pin It Button
The Pinterest Pin It button brings the photo in at a nice large large (in this case 400 by 400 pixels) and also automatically copies the eBay item title into the pin’s caption.

If you need to install the  Pinterest Pin It button, just access this page:

At the top of the page are directions for adding the Pin It button to your Favorties toolbar. Now whenever you see an eBay listing or web page you want to pin, just click the Pin It button on your toolbar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Happy pinning! 🙂

Huge Vintage Jewelry Labor Day Sale!

Happy Labor Day! My Labor Day Vintage Jewelry Sale ends late tonight. Here are some photos of beautiful jewerly in various categories of my eBay store.

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Some Pinterest Boards Go Missing :(


Pinterest Logo
Pinterest Logo

I created a few new boards the other day and posted some pins to them, but now they don’t show up at all on my profile page. I’m not able to see them on my list of boards when pinning new items either. Pinterest is aware of the problem and is working on it.

Pinterest Issue: Missing Boards

I hope they fix this soon, since I have 3 new boards that each have only 1 pin, and I can’t add new pins to them. I’ll keep you posted.

Love that Egyptian Revival Jewelry!

Accessocraft Egyptian Revival Large Winged Scarab Necklace
Gorgeous Accessocraft Egyptian Revival Necklace with large Winged Scarab and colored glass faux gemstones

I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt ever since I was a small child and visited the Egyptian exhibit and collections at the Brooklyn Museum. Last week I had the honor of being inverviewed on Janelle Elms’ weekly radio show, “Ask Janelle Radio” to discuss the Egyptian Revival Vintage Jewelry guide I wrote for the soon to be released Home Run Guide Volume 2.If you’d like to listen to my interview, you can hear the replay here: July 17, 2012 Ask Janelle Radio Interview with Christine Rivera

If you’d like to listen to the entire show, visit this page: Ask Janelle Radio archived shows

For those who would like to see Egyptian Revival Jewelry that is available for sale, check out my eBay store: My Classic Jewelry Shop on eBay


Trifari's Ark Tiger Cub Brooch
Beautiful Figural Tiger Cub Brooch from
Trifari’s Ark collection

Welcome to the My Classic Jewelry website blog! Here you will find information about Vintage Jewelry Designers, such as Trifari, Coro, Vendome, Matisse, Renoir, Swarovski, Monet, Napier, Art Deco, Czech, and more. Feel free to ask questions and comment.