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My Classic Jewelry Shop YouTube Channel

Free YouTube Webinar Helps you Grow Your Channel

I’m on YouTube – are you? My channel is very new and I’m only just starting to get a handle on how to organize and market it. So I’m very excited to be attending this free YouTube webinar next week: How to Grow a YouTube Channel. Here’s the video that explains it. There’s a link in the video so you can attend, too.

Learning About YouTube

I’ve been on a “learning binge” the last couple of weeks to improve my marketing efforts for this blog and my YouTube channel, My Classic Jewelry Shop (click banner or link below to view). Finding this free YouTube webinar was a stroke of luck for me.

My Classic Jewelry Shop YouTube Channel
My Classic Jewelry Shop YouTube Channel

While searching for “how to” information on YouTube, I came across Steve’s “Mastering YouTube Playlists” video which gave me some useful tips about using YouTube playlists. You can watch the video below. For example, I didn’t know that you could create a “series” playlist. When someone finishes watching a video from the series, YouTube automatically recommends the next video in the series.

I’ve only just subscribed to Steve Dotto’s Dottotech YouTube channel, and I feel like I’ve fallen into a gold mine! Steve has over 500 videos that focus on how to deliver great content for YouTube. He also has some great advice regarding how to get started with good audio, lighting, video, and software. You can check out his channel here by clicking the banner or link below.

Free YouTube Webinar Dottotech YouTube Channel by Steve Dotto
Dottotech YouTube Channel by Steve Dotto

Are You on YouTube? Send me a Comment!

If you are an experienced YouTuber, I’d love to hear about any advice and tips you have. Use the Comment box below to connect with me. Or visit one of my social pages using the buttons at the top right of this page. If you are a newbie, like me, I’d love to hear from you as well. Maybe you’ll be attending the free Youtube webinar as well. Hope you’ll be there!

Good-bye for now, Christine 🙂

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