Pinterest Boards Now OK, eBay Button is Quirky

The problem I mentioned earlier with the Pinterest boards not showing up was resolved fairly quickly – I was able to view my new boards the following day.

I’m having some problems with the Pin It button on eBay listings, however, and it’s been happening for several weeks. Whenever I use the “Share on Pinterest” button in an eBay listing, it grabs the gallery photo, but scales it down to a very small size (96 by 96 pixels in my case).

Here’s an example:


Using the eBay Share on Pinterest button
When you use the eBay “Share on Pinterest” button,
the gallery photo gets sized down to 96 by 96 pixels

I’m now using the Pin It button on my browser toolbar instead, and that is working quite nicely, giving me a nice large photo for my Pinterest boards.

Using the Pinterest Pin It Button
The Pinterest Pin It button brings the photo in at a nice large large (in this case 400 by 400 pixels) and also automatically copies the eBay item title into the pin’s caption.

If you need to install the  Pinterest Pin It button, just access this page:

At the top of the page are directions for adding the Pin It button to your Favorties toolbar. Now whenever you see an eBay listing or web page you want to pin, just click the Pin It button on your toolbar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Happy pinning! 🙂

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