Vintage Copper Jewelry Book Review – Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Lustre

Copper Art Jewelry Book Review and Video

A Vintage Copper Jewelry Book for Collectors and Sellers

Most collectors and sellers of vintage jewelry have extensive libraries of reference books acquired over the years. Recommended by a friend, this vintage copper jewelry book, Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Luster, by Matthew L. Burkholz and Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan, is a wonderful addition to any vintage library. This hardcover book was published in 1992 by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

The book discusses vintage copper jewelry from the mid 20th century, focusing on the premier copper jewelry designers of that time, Rebajes and Renoir. With over 300 color photographs of beautiful vintage copper jewelry pieces, the book also includes original art work, advertising, and identifying marks. Not just a reference book, you will thoroughly enjoy reading about the mid century era and the history and biographies of Francisco Rebajes and Jerry Fels of Renoir.

What You’ll Find in This Book

The book has four long chapters. The first is an introduction to copper art jewelry and gives an overview of the mid-century era as it relates to copper jewelry, which was wildly popular at that time. The second chapter gives an in-depth history of Francisco Rebajes and his company, and focuses on his unique style. The third chapter gives the background of Jerry Fels, founder of Renoir of California, with the history of that company. Although their styles were different, both were creative geniuses and the stories of these men and their companies would make a wonderful Hollywood movie.

Of course, there are beautiful photos of their stunning vintage copper jewelry pieces. Most are dated and/or identified by style name.

The last chapter covers other manufacturers of vintage copper jewelry and discusses kit made copper jewelry, which was very popular during this era. There’s also a bibliography, a price guide, and an index. In addition, there are various charts and lists sprinkled throughout the book.

See the Book in My Video

For a “hands-on” look at the book, view my video book review.

Why I Love This Book

I find this book to be an invaluable reference whenever I acquire a piece of vintage copper jewelry. Not only does it help me identify vintage copper jewelry pieces, but it also helps me learn what to look for when purchasing jewelry. There are so many wonderful pieces pictured, that just by browsing I can put things on my “wish list” or “be on the lookout” (BOLO) list whenever I shop for vintage jewelry. This book is a pleasure to read and use and has the most complete information about vintage copper jewelry you’ll find.

One of my favorite sections is a chart of small freehand drawings from Renoir that identify many of the designs they produced. This chart has more than once helped me to identify a piece that was not included in the beautiful photographs. You can see it in my video, above.

Although the price guide is a bit dated, as this book was published in 1992, it still gives a good idea of where a piece might fall on the price sale – moderate, higher end, or top of the line.

If you decide to purchase this book, I don’t think you’ll regret it – I never have. Every time I use this book I am so glad my friend recommended it, so now I’m passing the favor on to you.

Click here for purchasing information: Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Luster

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